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1.A - Ventilation spots

Our head bases are created with ventilation spots inside the ears, mouth and nose. Each spot is sealed with a net to keep dirt and debri out of the head.

2.A - Removable neck

Each head comes with a removable and washable neck piece. It connects to the head via magnets and velcro, closes with velcro and has two zippers: One for removable stuffing and one pocket big enough to fit documents, a phone or batteries.

The removable stuffing makes the neck piece versatile, you can make it puffy with it or slim-fit without it!

3.A - Removable balaclava

We have developed a special balaclava which can not only be adjusted, removed and washed, but also allows for better hearing while wearing the fursuit. This piece was created with comfort in mind, glasses can be worn with it!

The balaclava is attached to the head with velcro and can be adjuested by the user for the best fit.


4.A - Removable tongue

Each head comes with a removable tongue! The piece is attached to the head via magnets, and can be made in a wide range of colors. The wire structure makes the tongue posable and versatile!


5.A - Lining and space

Every single piece is fully lined! Because of the separate helmet and neck piece, our heads are lightweight and have a lot of inner space. 

6.A - Resin parts

Eyes, not flexible noses and teeth are made with polyester resin. All our casts and molds are studio originals and we don’t work with third party parts, 3d prints or premade fursuit bases and materials.  

7.A - Regular Foam + EVA Foam bases 

Our bases are built with a mix of EVA and regular foam to not compromise ventilation inside the head and make our heads as breathable as possible, staying true to our lead artist designs when bringing characters to life <3




1.B - Resin nails

Our polyester resin nails are one of a kind, developed from scratch by our team and attached to the paws with a non removable snap and sewing technicles, to avoid spinning of the nails.


2.B - Lining

Like our heads, our paws are also fully lined. 

3.B - Cuff

Our paw designs have an elastic cuff installed, which prevent them from flying off with fast movements! You can dance, run, jump and move as much as you like, your paws will always stay put!


4.B - Hand Puffy Beans

We use wet or crystal stretch velvet for our puffy beans! They’re filled with polyfill from the inside. Every paw have an embrodiment finish to the beans <3


5.B - Flex Digitigrade Feetpaws Design:

Our current feetpaw (or hoof) design has the exclusive feature of having removable soles for indoors and outdoors designs, all attached by velcro to the base feetpaw shape.

6B - Removable Indoors Soles: Puffy Beans

We use wet or crystal stretch velvet for our puffy beans! They’re filled with polyfill from the inside. Every paw have an embrodiment finish to the beans <3


7.B - Removable Indoors Soles: EVA Beans

High density EVA foam is used on outdoor soles. The cute beans are made of thinner hight density EVA foam to match the character feet design.




1.C - Belt loop

Our tails have their belt loop on top of the base. This allows the wearer to sit more comfortably and increases the bounciness factor of the piece!


2.C - Meat and bone

Because of the way our belt loop is made, our tails come with decorative meat and bone detail at the base! It’s a tail and a prop!


3.C - Removable stuffing

Our larger tails come with removable stuffing, which is sewn inside a pillow keeping it clean and keeping your house free from rogue stuffing fibers. We recommend the removal of the stuffing before washing your tail, as it will dry much faster without it!


4.C - Invisible zipper

But how can you remove the stuffing? Well, bigger tails also come with a large invisible zipper! The zipper is sewn with a technique that keeps it hidden no matter how much you move, and also keeps the fur away from the zipper’s teeth when opening/closing it! If you feel so inclined, you can also use the tail as a bag for lightweight objects with this hidden zipper.




1.D - Shoulder Straps

Our wings are one size fits all and have adjustable straps to secure them in place. The straps also have snaps that make them easier to wear over jackets or heavy layers of clothing.


2.D - Light Structure

Wings are made of EVA foam, velvet and fabric fur. They bounce easily!


3.D - Posable Designs

Inside each wing design there is a wire armature that makes the wings posable. The wearer can change the base position of each wing individually. 




 1.F - Bows

Alecrim Carmim signature bows are made of cotton fabric and have a large variety of colors and printed patterns. They also have ring loops for customization by the client.


2.C - Character Sheets

To produce Heads, Mini Partials and Partials, our lead artist will develop a character sheet in the studio style. Watermarked previews will be shared with the client during the project production and the finished digital files will be available as soon as the project is finished.   


4.F - Hair Pins

Fursuits with hair designs need extra style! We developed a few hairpin designs that can be attached with hairclips and stay in place during hair action!


5.F - Props with magnets

Our heads have hidden magnets so specific props can be attached to them (leaf designs, bandaid designs, triny ribbons and so on).


We’re always open for new extras and props ideas; hit us up during the quote process and we can discuss the add-on that would suit your character best!

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