Due to Covid 19, our studio is adopting remote work and our deliveries will be slightly delayed.

Quotes & Queue


Please make sure to read and agree with our Terms Of Service before sending us your application.

Be aware that our quotes are valid for 3 business days - after this period they become void and to apply for the queue again, one must send a new submission and previous terms assigned during the old submission might change (due to price updates, production time variations, etc). 

We ask future clients to be prepared to proceed with the downpayment if they intend to move forward with the quote submission - we do analyse quotes for price ideas, but we no longer hold quotes further than the 3 business days period previously informed.

We are OPEN for commissions! 

Use the following form to send us your quote submission.

Our queue will be uploaded to Trello as commissions are updated.


We’re always open for artistic liberty projects. Just fill our Artistic Liberty Quote


Just have in mind that we won’t be replying to quotes sent anywhere else but from the form link. Since it’s easy to lose track of information when using other social media to communicate, we decided to keep commission information and quotes in our studio email only (


We're mostly away from computers/devices during business hours (Monday-Friday from 8AM to 4PM). We usually reply to email/messages by 8AM to 7PM from Monday-Friday on UTC/GMT -3 hours. When contacting us have in mind that we might not be able to reply immediately.  Messages sent during weekends will be answered by the next closest business day. Our main communication channel is email at alecrimcarmim@gmail.comTwitter and Instagram accounts are just for showcase of our projects.

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