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We are closed for Regular quote submissions at the moment!

Our queue will be uploaded to Trello as commissions are finished.


We’re always open for artistic liberty projects. Just fill our Artistic Liberty Quote.

Just have in mind that we won’t be replying quotes sent anywhere else but from the form link It’s easy to lose track of information when using other social medias to communicate, so we decided to keep commission information and quotes all centralized on our studio email (alecrimcarmim@gmail.com).



Please make sure to read and agree with our Terms Of Service before sending us your application.



We're mostly away from computers/devices during business hours (Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm). We usually reply to email/messages by 6pm to 10pm from Monday-Friday and we're UTC/GMT -3 hours. When contacting us have in mind that we might not be able to reply immediately.  Messages sent during weekends will be answered by the next closest business day. Our main communication channel is email at alecrimcarmim@gmail.com, but we do check our Twitter and Instagram messages daily.


Prices and Item descriptions

Our basic prices are based on designs with 2 main colour shades, simple marking designs (2 or less stripes, 3 or fewer dots, etc). The following prices should be used as an estimate only; Regurlar quotes require a full colour image reference with at least 2 poses (back and front) of the character requested or the quote will be declined.

▸ Head starts at 1500USD

Our default heads are made of foam and lined with 60%cotton/40%polyester fabric with no foam touching the wearer’s face, all based on client head measurements. The insides are large enough to be worn with glasses on or to add internal upgrades such as LEDs or coolers (we do not provide these kind of services tough).

The default eye design is 3D (follow me eyes); we do not work with 2D eyes since the structure might clash with the studio style during construction. The neck part is removable (we use small magnets and velcro to keep the piece in place) and has 2 zippers, one for a hidden utility pocket in the front and one for polyfill stuffing in the back. 


Our base price refers to a simple head of a non mythological/open species creature design (dog, cat, rabbit, opossum, etc).


Extra features (whiskers, horns, spikes, complex markings, etc) will increase the base price of the head. Extra fees might be added depending on how hard they are to implement on our base design.

▸ Puffy Paws / Cloven Hooves start at 300 USD

Our default paws are puffy with 5 fingers (we’re not producing 4 fingers paws at the moment) and we currently work with client measurements to guarantee a comfortable fit. Hand paws are lined with 60%cotton / 40%polyester fabric and stuffed with polyfill to maintain the puffy shape. 

The base price refers to a pair of paws without claws/cuticles on. For claws, cuticles and beans we mostly use velvet, vinyl and resin.

Extra features (claws + cuticles, spikes, complex markings, etc) will increase the base price of the paws. For design reasons we do not install claws without the cuticles. Extra fees might be added depending on how hard they are to implement on our base design.

At the moment we're also offering cloven hooves as a paw option for minipartial and artistic liberty commissions. The base price and descriptions/add-ons form the puffy paws also apply for our hooves and extra fees might be added depending on how many modifications might be added to our basic cloven hoove design.

 Tail starts at 200 USD

Our starter tail size is 30cm / 11.8in (rabbit, dear, bear, etc) with polyfill stuffing to keep the shape and a clean cut design.


Longer tails or additional extras (extra stuffing zipper, hidden pockets, spikes, complex markings etc) will increase the base price of the tail. Extra fees might be added depending on how hard they are to implement on our base design.

 Mini Partial (Head + Hand paws + Tail) starts at 2300 USD 

This option comes with all the items described above.

▸ Extra parts and add-ons

Please inform us of said features during quoting applications since those extras are charged separately. At the moment we’re not making removable eyelids.

▸ The basic package for a mini partial suit includes:

▸ One pair of puffy / hooved hand paws;
▸ One tail;
▸ Removable tongue with magnets;
▸ Separate, washable neck piece;
▸ Fully lined head;
▸ Removable, washable and adjustable inner helmet;
▸ Two Balaclavas;
▸ Care kit;
▸ Holographic Badge;
▸ A surprise accessory with a name tag attached;
▸ Authenticity + warranty documents (digital files);
▸ Reference sheet (digital file);
▸ Care guide (digital file).

 Artistic Liberty Mini Partial (Head + Hand paws + Tail) starts at 2000 USD


To apply for the slots, just fill the Artistic Liberty Quote but have in mind that we have the following restrictions for these projects:


▸ Your choice of animal or creature or hybrid idea;

▸ Your choice of character gender and details (eyelashes, whiskers, blush, etc);

▸ Your choice of extras (horns, extra eyes, spikes, etc);

▸ Your choice of colors or shades of fur. We’ll prioritize quotes with subjects more appealing for our studio portfolio.


▸ Follow a model sheet provided. This project will be made in partnership with the studio lead artist and the creature will be designed by us, following the customer guides;

▸ Emulate other maker or artist style;

▸ Realistic or semi realistic suits;

▸ Use bases or supplies from other studios;

▸ Replicate another suit made by the studio with minor or major changes;

▸ Removable eyelids;

Make projects related to existing brands, media such as games, books, movies, etc. or closed species.

Our quotes for these requests will always be open!


Artistic Liberty quotes are chosen considering how much the project fits the studio restrictions and project needs by the time the quote is analysed (we chose projects considering materials in hand, production optimization and creative liberty). For those slots we accept projects to test new shapes and solutions. 


Send us an application and our team will develop an alecrim especially for you <3 Have in mind that these kind of projects are made in between Regular queues and might take longer than Regular Commissions to be finished.

The basic package for an Artistic Liberty mini partial suit includes:

▸ All character rights for the design purchased;

▸ One pair of puffy / hooved hand paws (depending on the concept agreed with the client);

▸ One tail;

▸ Removable tongue with magnets;

▸ Detachable, washable neck piece;

▸ Fully lined head;

▸ Removable, washable and adjustable inner helmet;

Two Balaclavas;

▸ Care kit;

Holographic Badge;

▸ A surprise accessory with a name tag attached;

Authenticity + warranty documents (digital files);

Reference sheet (digital file);

Care guide (digital file).



1.A - Ventilation spots

Our head bases are created with ventilation spots inside the ears, mouth and nose. Each spot is sealed with net to keep dirt and debri out of the head.

2.A - Removable neck

Each head comes with a removable and washable neck piece. It connects to the head via magnets and velcro, closes with velcro and has two zippers: One for removable stuffing and one pocket big enough to fit documents, a phone or batteries.

The removable stuffing makes the neck piece versatile, you can make it puffy with it or slim-fit without it!

3.A - Removable helmet

We have developed a special helmet which can not only be adjusted, removed and washed, but also allows for better hearing while wearing the fursuit. This piece was created with comfort in mind, glasses can be worn with it!

The helmet is attached to the head with velcro and pressure buttons, and comes with extra pieces to accommodate smaller wearers.


4.A - Removable tongue

Each head comes with a removable tongue! The piece is attached to the head via magnets, and can be made in a wide range of colors.


5.A - Lining and space

Every single piece is fully lined! Because of the separate helmet and neck piece, our heads are lightweight and have a lot of inner space. It can easily fit two store-bought portable mini fans!



1.B - Resin nails

Our resin nails are one of a kind, developed from scratch by our team and attached to the paws with two pivot points instead of one, avoiding the spinning of the nails.


2.B - Lining

Like our heads, our paws are also fully lined. 


3.B - Elastics and Cuff

Hidden between the fur and the lining our paws have elastics installed, which prevent them from flying off with fast movements! You can dance, run, jump and move as much as you like, your paws will always stay put!




1.C - Belt loop

Our tails have their belt loop on top of the base. This allows the wearer to sit more comfortably and increases the bounciness factor of the piece!


2.C - Meat and bone

Because of the way our belt loop is made, our tails come with decorative meat and bone detail at the base! It’s a tail and a prop!


3.C - Removable stuffing

Our larger tails come with removable stuffing, which is sewn inside a pillow keeping it clean and keeping your house free from rogue stuffing fibers. We recommend the removal of the stuffing before washing your tail, as it will dry much faster without it!


4.C - Invisible zipper

But how can you remove the stuffing? Well, the tails also come with a large invisible zipper! The zipper is sewn with a technique that keeps it hidden no matter how much you move, and also keeps the fur away from the zipper’s teeth when opening/closing it! If you feel so inclined, you can also use the tail as a bag for lightweight objects with this hidden zipper.


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